21-year old lady arrested for ‘choking her boyfriend and squeezing his genitals until they bled’ during a heated argument

A Florida woman has been arrested for squeezing her boyfriend’s genitals until they bled during a heated argument.

Katie Lee Pitchford, 21, was arrested on June 4th after cops responded to reports of an assault at a home in Indian Harbour Beach, about 70 miles from Orlando. A man called police at 3.47am saying his live-in girlfriend, who he’s been dating for nearly three years, assaulted him after she became ‘enraged’ during an argument, according to the police report.  

When police officers arrived at the scene the victim was found with his face bloodied and bruising. In the arrest report Pitchford claimed they got into a fight because she wanted to go on a date with an old friend and her boyfriend found out by seeing the text messages on her phone and became jealous. But she says the confrontation was only verbal – not physical. 

She had previously been arrested in November 2017 for resisting an officer with violence, according to the Miami Herald. A month before that in October 2017 she was also arrested for theft and resisting an officer with violence.    

She maintained to police that their fight was only verbal. Once handcuffed and placed in the police squad car she reportedly ‘asked if she could talk to the victim because she wanted to say she was sorry.’

She was detained by the Brevard County Sheriff’s office on no bond and will appear in court on June 25. While Pitchford wanted to give her apologies, a Brevard County Judge ordered her to have no contact with the victim. She is only allowed to return to his home to retrieve her belongings if she is accompanied by police.

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