Domino’s pizza worker sent picture of snake with condom on its head being inserted into a woman’s genitals to a “child”

A Domino’s worker has been spared jail after he was caught by paedophile hunters trying to lure a girl using a picture of a woman performing a sex act with a snake.

Jitender Kumar, 38, sent an inappropriate photo on Whatsapp to a girl he believed to be 13 years. The photo was of a snake with a condom over its head as a woman inserted it into herself.

Jitender believed that he was chatting to a girl called Molly, 13, but it was actually members of Stolen Youth No More.

A court heard that he asked the girl if she had a boyfriend and sent her a picture of a bedroom with a teddy on a bed telling her to go to Paddington or Euston. Six months later he contacted the girl again, this time with a picture of his face. He was tracked to his place of work and taken to Brixton police station.

Kumar claimed that he thought his friends had been playing a prank on him and he sent the picture of the woman with the snake to test them. However, he pleaded guilty to three charges and has now been given a suspended prison sentence.

In mitigation, Jonathan Underhill, told Snaresbrook Crown Court:

This is a man still coming to terms with the desires he suffers from.

He has lost his good character in the worst possible way. He has completed an online course to help those who suffer from it. He has sought help independently.

Judge Neil Sanders told Kumar:

You are 38 years old with no previous convictions. As far as you were concerned it is quite clear that you thought that (the girl) was 13 years old.

There were quite clear requests by you to meet up. The obvious suggestion is that that should result in sexual intercourse between you. ‘Bearing in mind that there was no meeting, there was no child, and the meeting could not have taken place.

Kumar, from Upton Park, admitted attempting to meet a child under 16 following grooming, sexual communication with a child, and possession of an extreme porn image. He was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for 24 months, a 60 day Rehab Activity Requirement, 100 hours of unpaid work, and a five year sexual harm prevention order. 

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