See Governor Of New York, Andrew Cuomo’s Emotional Message To His Younger Brother & CNN Anchor, Chris Cuomo After He’s Diagnosed Of Coronavirus (Video)

See New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s emotional message to his younger brother & CNN anchor Chris Cuomo after he’s diagnosed of Coronavirus (video). New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has spoken about his brother, a CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo who recently tested positive for COVID-19


Chris Cuomo announced he had contracted the deadly virus over the weekend but still continues to anchor his show from his basement, much to the shock of his elder brother. The deadly virus continues to spread in the US with no sign of slowing down and Chris is unfortunately now one of it’s victims.


Governor Cuomo, whose state New York is the epicenter of the pandemic in the US and has had to deal with delivering bad news of deaths to New Yorkers daily, praised his younger brother for continuing to anchor his show on CNN to show people what it could look like to have coronavirus.

The Governor also prayed for his aged mother not to contract  the deadly disease.


Watch the heart breaking video below





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