Senegal Invents One Of The Cheapest COVID-19 Testing Kits In The World Which Costs $1 Each And $60 3D Printed Ventilators 

Senegal invents one of the cheapest COVID-19 testing kits in the world which costs $1 each and $60 3D printed ventilators.


Senegal has reportedly developed one of the world’s most affordable Coronavirus testing kits, which costs $1 each and $60 3D printed ventilators.


A laboratory in Senegal used its AIDS and Ebola experience to develop a $1 COVID-19 testing kit and ventilators that cost just $60.


Despite the country’s low budget for health, the West African nation has recorded the highest recovery rate in Africa so far and the 3rd highest recovery rate in the world. 283 of its 671 Coronavirus patients have recovered and 9 have died.


The high recovery rate is due to Senegal’s affordable Coronavirus test kits which makes it possible to test and treat more people as compared to other countries.


Unlike most countries that wait till patients start exhibiting symptoms before tests are carried out due to shortage of test kits, Senegal is testing everyone who indicates interest, symptoms or not, and this has helped them identify those affected early to allow them begin treatment before the illness progresses.


Senegal has no shortage of testing kits, thanks to this lab.


Also, with a scarcity of ventilators in the country, Senegal’s engineers are using a 3D printing machine to produce more ventilators. Imported ventilators cost $16,000 but the one manufactured by Senegal engineers cost only $60.

Senegal invents one of the cheapest COVID-19 testing kits



Senegal has managed to keep the spread of Coronavirus down to one of the world’s lowest rates and have developed a cheap, effective test that can be mass produced and globally distributed.


Watch a video below.


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