This lady was badly disfigured by a man simply she refused to have sex with him (disturbing photo)

This lady

was “brutally disfigured   by a man  she refused to have sex with him. Emma Higginson, 35, was battered to a pulp when she turned down a man who wanted to have sex with her in her room in the Turkish holiday resort Icmeler. He beat her so much that she suffered a fracture to her skull, eye socket and nose. When she was found, her room’s sheets, walls and tiles were left covered in blood.

Brit car salesman Declan Marshall, 27, has been arrested by police in Turkey in relation to the assault.

Speaking from her hospital bed in Marmaris, Emma told The Sun:

I want everyone to see what this man has done to me.

My mum and sister could barely recognise me. I’m in so much pain.

I’m covered in bruises and I just want to go home but can’t as the doctors say my injuries are too bad to fly.

One of my teeth fell out this morning and I’m going to need plastic surgery to get my face back to normal.

The man who did this to me is an animal. He’s a complete nutter and should be locked up for a long time.

The attack happened last week. Emma, from Kent, was with pals when they met Marshall in a nightclub and they offered him the sofa to sleep on as he said he had no way to get home.

Below is the picture of Brit car salesman Declan Marshal , the man that did this to her

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