Toke Makinwa Reveals That She Is Being Blackmailed By Scammers Using Edited Nude Photos Of Hers(Photos)

Toke Makinwa Blackmailed with her nude photos

Toke Makinwa Reveals That She Is Being Blackmailed By Scammers Using Edited Nude Photos Of Hers (Photos)

Toke Makinwa has fired back at some scammers who are trying to use edited nude photos to blackmail her.

Toke Makinwa being blackmailed by scammers using her edit nude photos

In 2018, the media personality/businesswoman, shared the bikini photos above to celebrate her 34 birthday.

Because of the lockdown and joblessness, some fraudsters edited the photos to make it look like she was nude and sent them to her with claims they have her nude photos and would release them if she doesn’t respond to their email.

These scammers demanded for a outrageous amount of money from her. Now that she has expose the scammers rather than them achieving their evil plots, we await their next move. Obviously the have a professional graphic designer  amongst them to be able to edit Toke pictures this way. Lol 

Toke Makinwa Blackmailed by scammers with nude pictures


Toke Makinwa Blackmailed with her nude photos


Posting the email she got from the blackmailers on her social media handle , Toke Makinwa vowed never to give them any money for the edited and false images.

”Is this really how low we’ve become? I understand that things are hard, I get that feeding off each other and scamming people will be on the rise but I’ve never and would never negotiate with con artists/scammers. I am sharing this ahead of your threats to release these edited/false images cos this is disappointing, this is not humanity, there is a pandemic killing people and there’s also certain human beings wanting to exploit people in a time when we should all spread love and kindness. Stop with your bloody emails already ?????. I am not the one, not yesterday, not today, not ever. I don’t have any money to give you.” she wrote



Toke Makinwa nude edited photos

Toke also took to her Twitter handle to react.



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