Widower forced to show his manhood to friends and officials after his wife’s death was blamed on his large genitals

A grieving widower was forced to show his penis to family, friends, and officials after his father-in-law reported him to the police claiming his genitals were so large that it killed his daughter during sex.


The widower, named only as Baresh, was brought in for questioning in February this year after his father-in-law, Nedi Sito, 55, reported him. Nedi Sito, from the village of Maron Kidul in the Maron District of Indonesia’s East Java province, had heard rumours circulating about his daughter Jumantri’s death, aged 23, so he reported his son-in-law to police.


At the station, Baresh was asked to open up his penis to be inspected by all, including his late wife’s relatives and the head of the village. 


Widower forced to show his manhood to friends and officials after his wife


After inspecting the widower’s penis, it was decided that he has a “fairly normal sized” penis and it was not the cause of his wife’s death.

It was later discovered that the woman had died after suffering an apparent epileptic fit during the night. The woman had been suffering from epilepsy for years.

The head of the Probolinggo criminal investigation unit, told Detik Today:


After seeing firsthand the size of the genitals that were thought to be large, it turned out they were just normal sized. 

At that time the father-in-law revoked the report and both parties have now forgiven each other.







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