Woman Whose Name Was Called As A Witness By Peruzzi’s Rape Accuser Comes To His Defence, Says Rape Never Happened (Video) 

Woman Whose Name Was Called As A Witness By Peruzzi's Rape Accuser

Woman whose name was called as a witness by Peruzzi’s rape accuser comes to his defence, says rape never happened. It didn’t happen. “It didn’t happen, I was there” says woman whose name was mentioned as a witness by Peruzzi’s rape accuser defends Peruzzi.


A woman named Aisha, who was present on the night Peruzzi’s accuser claims she was raped by the singer, has defended Peruzzi while stating that the accuser is lying.


A woman took to Twitter today to accuse Peruzzi of rape. The woman claimed she followed a friend named Aisha to Peruzzi’s house and, at night, while everyone was asleep, Peruzzi raped her. She said she tried to wake Aisha up but she was fast asleep.


Well, to clear his name, Peruzzi went on Instagram Live with the Aisha lady.


Aisha and Peruzzi admitted that they had a thing in the past but Aisha has now moved on.


Aisha also said that she knows Peruzzi and he will never do such. She added that she was there and her friend was not raped as she claims.


“Please, I have a son that I’m bringing up and I will not want anyone to bring up any dead story that is not true about my son, “Aisha said in the video.


“So I’m not even liking this at all. This is not a real story, like, it didn’t happen at all, like, I was there, it didn’t happen so please.”


Watch the video below.



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by Peruzzi’s rape accuser defends Peruzzi

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