Zari:If you guys are going to believe a word that comes from Diamond then you all are stupid just like him

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has clapped back at her superstar ex-boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz, saying the singer is “trying to justify” his cheating habits by alleging that she had a fling with Nigeria’s Peter Okoye, formerly of P-Square.

In a rather shocking allegation on Tuesday night, Diamond told Wasafi FM that Zari Hassan cheated on him with Mr Okoye a few months to August 2015.

“Zari Hassan was dating P-Square’s Peter [Okoye] a few months before she and I got our first baby, Latiffah Dangote. I read [love] messages that she and Peter sent each other via mobile phone. I even confronted her,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“Zari also brought her gym instructor into our house [in Madale, Tanzania]. She was also dating him. Unlike, Peter’s case, [in which she dated him when we were new to each other], she started secretly seeing her gym instructor after we had already gotten our first baby,” said Diamond Platnumz to the shock of the hosts.

Taking to her Instagram page a few minutes after Diamond’s remarks, Zari Hassan said she did not cheat on the “Tetema” star, branding the artiste as “stupid”.

“He [Diamond] went on his radio station to tarnish my name. He alleged that I had a relationship with P-Square’s Peter, and another [fling] with my personal trainer… If you guys are going to believe a word that comes from him, the same man who denied his own blood [Hamisa Mobetto’s baby], running on radio, doing tours…, then you are all stupid just like him. I am asking you [Diamond] to respect me; stay where you are; the kids and I are doing fine without you.

“From my side, we have forgotten about you; you no longer exist. You have no contact with your kids because you decided to; your ego does not let you to [reach them]. We do not get any emotional or financial support from you. I do not understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your own country and start accusing me of having all these affairs that I never did, when you knew the whole time that you had a girl sleeping in my bed, our bed… the house that I furnished, and now you are going on national radio talking about me… You know what? My mama raised me better than that. But do not push the button, because when I start talking about you, honey, you will hide, you will hide!

“The whole [Tanzanian] nation and the continent saw exactly what you did to me, and now you want to justify your wrongs by claiming that I cheated? I sacrificed the two kids that we had – that they would die if I ever cheated on you.”

In the Wasafi FM interview, Diamond Platnumz said, true to Zari’s previous claims, there were months he did not send money for his two children’s upkeep because “Zari Hassan was denying me access to the kids”.

“She blocked all the avenues I could use to communicate with the kids. And again, now she has a man in her life; I cannot be calling her every now and again asking her to pass the phone to my children. What would her new lover think? That, maybe, I am trying to win her back, which is not the case. That explains why I stopped visiting or communicating regularly with the children. I have, however, asked Zari Hassan to write down all the financial needs of the children, and I would be sending money direct to the [bank] accounts of those respective firms offering the services she would have listed,” said Diamond Platnumz.

Zari Hassan, however, refutes Diamond’s allegations.

“My lawyer asked your lawyer to have a parental plan should you be involved in the lives of these children. So, if you needed these kids to come to Tanzania, it would be easy. You last saw these kids in October 2018 and you think I would throw them on a flight? No, it doesn’t work like that. Get your act together, grow some bls, and get some st done, okay?”

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan dated between November 2014 and February 2018, and share a daughter, Latiffah Dangote aged 3, and a son, Prince Nillan aged 2.






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